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***  Pebbles shape look  ***  Ancient oak shape look 

*** Rivers shape look *** Geometric shapes look

Wood Feel’s 

Panels’ Upgrade & 3D

Wood Feel is a High-Tech company in a Low-Tech industry.

We have developed a unique technology, Trademarked and Patented,

Based on scanning wood surface and embedding / carving it in patterns that changes its look –

From flat anaemic look to a

Natural, Wild, Warm, Luxuries - 3D look.

Ground breaking technology

The technology we have developed is challenging the existing Technology especially regarding the

common raw material used in the industry today.

 We can use any grade hardwood in various thicknesses from 1.5mm to 7mm (standard 5mm) on any  plywood
 type  and make it look like the highest grade, best quality

This process also increases pallet's strength and stability for years.

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