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Our company specialises in all aspects of wood in the highest quality and state of the art machinery.

Wood Feel has 2 divisions:

The Art Of Wood with 4 major departments : 

* Lumber

* Engineered Multi Layer Panels

* Plywood  

* Plywood upgrades (3D – Natural and Special unique styles)

The Art Of Furniture with 3 major departments:

* Wood Homeware (Flooring, Wall panels, Furniture)

Our company specialises in manufacturing Multi-layer, Three-layer, Laminated and Finger Jointed panels, on demand - from any type hardwood and measurements requested.

Wood Feel is a High-Tech company in a Low-Tech industry.

We have developed a unique technology, trademarked and patented, based on scanning wood surface and embedding/carving it in patterns that changes its look – from flat anaemic look to a natural wild warm luxuries 3D look.

The technology we have developed is challenging the existing Technology especially regarding the common raw material used in the industry today – veneer.

We can use any grade hardwood in various thicknesses from 1.5mm to 7mm (standard 5mm) on any  plywood type  ) mainly birch and beech) and make it look like the highest grade, best quality product. This process also increases pallet's strength and stability for years.

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