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This is a very special and modern product offered by WoodFeel


It brings life to the surfaces causing awe and admiration. This is a durable and very high quality product that responds fully to the current aesthetic trends of interior design. 
There are 13texture designs available in different material.A product collection that will satisfy your creative requirements. 



The large range of Wood Feels’ products allow the furniture producer, architect or decorator to design an exceptional furniture. The products of Wood Feel can be used in all kinds of furniture such as bedrooms, tables, wall units, kitchen and bathroom furniture, young and teen furniture, office furniture as well as every special demand you may have. Our products when used, offer exceptional finish, special value and high quality in the furniture produced. 


Wall decoration


When trying to decorate a specific room, the products of Wood Feel offer you the opportunity to create an exquisite result, whether that is your bedroom, living room or office. You can create the surface that meets your demands and aesthetic.

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