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 Engineered Multi Layer Panels

Multi-layered panel - A pallet composed of massive wooden pallets glued on a Birch/Beech wood using the Lami method (connecting and pasting the wood), which enables adhesion of all types of wood on both sides of the plate, starting at 2 millimetres.

A three-layer panel- composed of three layers of wood, two simple layers and one layer of a more select tree, called a noble tree. The middle layer is designed to connect and stabilise the other layers and provide them with durability. The third layer forms the outer surface of the plate and gives it its unique appearance.

African walnut panel- walnut has a rich brown colour and is relatively easy to work with. Its strength is estimated at level four (between 1-5). Walnut is an excellent tree to work with and adds grace and beauty to every project. Main Uses: Interior doors, kitchen facades and work surfaces.

Oak panel- Oak has special texture suitable for various uses, it grows slowly and therefore its strength and density of fibres are considered high. The tree imparts warmth and positive energies.

Finger joined board - wooden planks made of hardwood pieces that are bonded together and give it strength, durability and special texture. Butcher has various uses, such as wooden plates for the table, work surfaces, furniture, etc.

The "large" panel- the large plate undergoes a "thermos" process, which gives the tree a smoky look, it needs polishing and lacquer only. The created palette combines special texture, excellent as a wooden table for the bar, shelves, bench, table, butcher serving block and more.

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