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With 28,000 SQM State Of The Art Wood Factory

We Will Meet All Your Wood Needs !!


For first time on main Trend Stage Interzum.
Serbian-Izraeli presenter - president of Wood Feel,
Ran Aviad

Any Type of Wood , Grade

& Measurements Required


*Subject To Availability

Our company specialises in all aspects of wood in the highest quality and state of the art machinery.

Wood Feel has 2 divisions::

The Art Of Wood with 4 major departments : 

* Lumber

* Engineered Multi Layer Panels

* Plywood  

* Upgrades (3D – Natural and Special unique styles)

The Art Of Furniture with 3 major departments:

* Wood Homeware (Flooring, Wall panels, Furniture)



# 0040A – Pebbles shape look

# 0050A - Ancient oak shape look

# 0060A – Rivers shape look

# 0070A – Geometric shapes look


We have developed a unique technology, Trademarked and Patented,

Based on scanning wood surface and embedding / carving it in patterns that changes its look –

From flat anaemic look to a

Natural, Wild, Warm, Luxuries - 3D look.




  • Any Type of Wood,  Grade  &  Measurements Required 

       ON DEMAND 

       *Subject To Availability

  • Drying Levels and Methods 



As a Standard, All Panels are made of Beech wood - The Strongest and most Stable wood  in nature

Our Company Is Leading A Revolution In The Panels’ Raw Material , Strength, Durability & Appearance

Types of CORE

  • Oak or Beech Finger Jointed board in any thickness on customer request

  • Beech or Walnut (As standard)

  • Cherry or Pine  (On special request)

  • Plywood in any thickness in Criss Cross method – Although.

  • Beech Particles Board (chipboard), Or any species of wood on demand .

.... Read More


5 Major types of Plywood:

  • Basic 

  • Birch

  • Beech

  • Water Resistance

  • Element Resistance (Film Top - for construction and outdoors) ... Read More

        Wood Feel's Dining Tables


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